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Manoj Satia
Manoj Satia - Managing Director

Manoj, Managing Director brings on table his 25+ years of hands on experience in establishing and running businesses in 25 counties across the globe in varied industries such as Manufacturing, FMCG, Imports - Exports, Retail, Distribution & Supply Chain Solutions.

An entrepreneur and a thorough business specialist with more than two and half decades of industry experience began his entrepreneurial quest in the year 2002 by launching his own company by the name Manoj Multifoods Pvt. Ltd. Armed with confidence and by then over a decade of rich entrepreneurial experience, there is no-way anything can stop Mr. Manoj Satia to broaden his horizon and expand further. He doesn't want to stop and be content with wholesale distribution. He wanted to go downstream and put to use all his retailing experience. And, then he ventured into Modern Retail by launching a neighborhood convenience store by the name Direct2U Supermarket in the year 2012, at Nerul, Navi Mumbai. The 5,000 sq.ft. store retails food, groceries and general merchandise. Today, the store is performing quite well and earned patronage of a number of loyal customers in Navi Mumbai.

Buoyed with success with a retail store in Navi Mumbai, the next obvious target milestone is to expand into a neighboring, bigger and more lucrative market and that is Mumbai. So, now Mr. Manoj Satia is planning 4 - 6 stores to be launched very soon in Mumbai.

Emerging opportunities in online ordering of groceries with a few entrants already in the fray and the rate at which they are growing with their limited experience and resources in the area of online groceries, Mr. Manoj Satia is thinking big. He is sensing it's a right time and opportunity to hit the market now and take quick strides to appropriate a market leadership position. Yes, you are thinking right, the next venture on the cards is online ordering of groceries through ecommerce platform www.direct2u.in

With two decades of rich experience of working at the senior levels in reputed organizations and more than decade of successful entrepreneurial experience, has made Mr. Manoj Satia a sought out personality in the business of consulting. The little introspection and a team of talented experienced people a new entity, Indirect2U Consulting Pvt. Ltd., was floated with a novel vision of helping Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to achieve their dreams.